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At Keelio Software, we specialize in elevating your Microsoft Dynamics GP experience through third-party integrations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). We understand the unique challenges and opportunities your business faces. We're here to ensure your Dynamics GP system works harmoniously with other essential business applications, boosting efficiency and unlocking new capabilities.

Integrate into any Business Area

Business data such as Orders, Invoices, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, and many more types of business data are supported through the use of the Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect API.

More Tools for your Toolbox

The Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit provides several SSIS tasks and data adapters on top of the over 80 out of the box SSIS tasks and data adapters to bring a complete solution for integrating from a variety of data sources such as Web services, XML, OLE DB data sources, ODBC, flat files, and Excel.

No Code

Most integrations can be done without coding. However the SSIS foundation provides for the ability to completely customize all aspects of the integration using the .NET programming language at any step in your integrations for the most powerful and compact Dynamics GP integration tool on the market.

SQL Server Compatibility

All Keelio Software products are compatible with all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above (32-bit and 64-bit).

Flexible Licensing

Licensing terms and conditions can be found by viewing the licensing page.

Sends an eConnect XML document to Dynamics GP.
Allows you to retrieve or rollback a document number such as a sales order, purchase order, etc. within a control flow.
Allows you to retrieve or rollback a document number such as a sales order, purchase order, etc. within a data flow.
XML Depth and member tooltips and syntax auto completion using eConnect XSD files.
IntelliPrompt auto completion and member expansion.
Define columns that will be transformed to XML with flexible escaping options.
Ability to automatically filter out invalid XML data, handle white space, and define escape profiles.
Enable or disable IntelliPrompt syntax auto completion and define header and footer text fragments.
Provides one-to-one and one-to-many relationship mapping.


The following features are included in the Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit

  • All the features of the XML SSIS Toolkit
  • Dynamics GP 9.0 and above are supported
  • Real-time Dynamics GP Data lookup (for items such as SOP document types and many other Dynamics GP document types)
  • IntelliPrompt / IntelliSense editor that allows for intelligent XML creation using eConnect XSD file definitions, automatic code completion, node tooltips, and XML highlighting.
  • Variable error logging. All error logging gets stored for later use in emails or other types of notifications
  • Text and binary file loading. Used to load preformatted eConnect XML files from the file system
  • Advanced XML destination mapping tools utilizing the Template Transformation, XML Merge Transformation, and XML Formatter data flow components
  • Complete eConnect API functionality
  • Requester transaction support
  • Full transaction rollback support utilizing the SSIS transaction framework
  • Does not require eConnect API to be installed on SSIS server

Included Products

The following SSIS components are included in this toolkit

  • Dynamics GP eConnect Task
  • Dynamics GP Next Document Number Task
  • Dynamics GP Next Document Number Transformation
  • File Task
  • Template Transformation
  • XML Formatter Transformation
  • XML Merge Transformation
  • Sample Integrations for Dynamics GP

How we compare

Succeed with the full power of eConnect

Most products on the market today are built on top of eConnect except for a few integration providers which use Dynamics GP web services.

The web services do not expose the entire eConnect functionality like upserts, getting next voucher numbers, creating bank accounts, analytical accounting, and many more.

When you're looking to integrate be sure to look for eConnect compatible products such as the Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit!

All integration solutions on the market today interface with eConnect which is a high speed integration platform created by Microsoft for Dynamics GP.

Some third party integration solutions use the Dynamics GP web services which interfaces with eConnect under the covers but doesn't expose the full integration capabilities of eConnect. This additional layer in the processing chain requires further processing time and slows integrations down considerably.

Why get yet another integration tool?

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has been available for free with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later. It contains over 80 out of the box components for sending email, .NET scripting, data transformation, FTP, and so on.

Who loves additional installations?

We don't.

Be sure to choose a product that has a minimal footprint. Integration providers that base their Dynamics GP integrations off of the Dynamics GP web services require an IIS server with the web services to be installed, maintained, configured, and updated.

Why bother with this additional software product that may require yet another server to host on? With Keelio Software you don't have any additional complexity.

Business needs as you dictate them!

Most integration solutions on the market today allow you to define complex integration objects that work as a complete transaction. An example of this is for a Sales Order, you can create a customer, create the missing inventory item, and create the sales order as one unit of work or combine that with completely different business objects (purchase order, GL, etc) and commit them all as an single unit of work.

Integration solutions built upon the Dynamics GP web services however do not allow for the granular unit of work options that are available in eConnect.

Transaction consistency is important

Some integration solutions on the market today do not allow control over the transaction rollback functionality of the integration.

A good scenario of this is a batch of 10 sales orders, and the 9th one fails. Some integration providers do not allow for the rollback of the entire batch of transactions and will leave you scrambling to correct your financial data due to a partially complete integration entering Dynamics GP.

eConnect XML file compatability

Various integration solutions on the market today do not allow you to integrate the Microsoft standard eConnect XML files into Dynamics GP. Be sure to check for this capability when doing your evaluations!

Keelio Software has a pre-built integration that will take a website ordering system's eConnect XML file and integrate it into Dynamics GP in less then 10 minutes of configuration time.

Upsert to the rescue!

Keelio Software's Dynamics GP integration solution is based off of eConnect and allows for "Upserts" in the data, meaning you can do an update if a record exists or create a new record all in the same transaction with a simple flip of a switch.

Some integration providers do not allow this functionality which requires you to build complex logic. For example, if a customer exists you can command it to update it or create it in one pass rather then building complex logic to see if the customer exists first, then updating the customer, otherwise create the customer (if it doesn't exist).

Document deletion or void possibility

All solutions on the market today allow you to delete or void business objects from Dynamics GP.

Although the application for this feature is not commonly used in practice the Keelio Software Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit does support this functionality.

Access Dynamics GP data anywhere

All solutions on the market today allow you to retrieve Dynamics GP data via remote locations.

The typical scenario would be to access via a VPN tunnel or extended VLAN and connect directly to the SQL tables in the database as it is the fastest way possible to extract data from Dynamics GP.

Extensibility at your fingertips

All solutions allow for extensibility, however the capability to do so varies greatly from one product to the next.

Keelio Software's components allow for the easiest extensibility via eConnect custom stored procedures. Once the stored procedure is created there are no additional actions you must take to be able to use that functionality. Some products require many more steps to be able to use additional custom eConnect functionality.

Execution via events

Trigger based executions are now available if you are using SQL 2012 or above. A common example of this is when a sales order is created in a particular database it should trigger the sales order integration to run and integrate that same sales order into Dynamics GP. This functionality can be done synchronously or asynchronously.

This functionality requires a simple trigger to be created in the database, if you need assistance with this Keelio Software consulting services are always available!

Integrations executed by the user

All solutions allow integrations to be executed by the user or on a scheduled basis.

Keelio Software has the lowest cost solution!

Why pay for software that re-invented the wheel? Use what you already have by utilizing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)!

Keelio Software has the most feature complete and inexpensive solution for SSIS integrations within SSIS on the market today. Join us!

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