Keelio Software was founded in 2008 to fill in the gap of available products for integrating data from different data sources to third party products.

After working with a wide variety of products on the market for bringing in data from external sources the Keelio Software founders recognized that there had to be a better way. It was obvious that a lot of the tools out there were over priced, under-performing, and lacked many basic features which often resulted in implementation delays and decreased return on investment.

It is for these reasons that Keelio Software was formed. Our goal is to bring highly flexible integration solutions to businesses everywhere at a lower cost and to create these tools on a foundation that is completely customizable.

In addition to integration products we have helped many companies with custom integration solutions, website development, and other software initiatives.

The Keelio company name originates from the root word "keel" which is the structural foundation for ships. Our company strives to be the structural foundation for your business.